Royal Victoria Medical Center

Royal Victoria Medical Center

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Royal Victoria Medical Center

Royal Victoria Medical Centre, located at the heart of Sabah Al Salem, offers a world-class treatment with remarkably intricate medical services to cater to your health needs. Our ultra-modern 7-story medical center employing state-of-the-art facilities provides world-class service care. The services that we offer ranges from the most extensive eye department to pediatric eye care, cosmetic surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, laboratory, gynecology, and laser procedures. We are proud to represent as the first and only center in Kuwait, which provides highly specialized eye services from simple cataract surgery to artificial eye. We aim to serve you with the latest state of the art technology by our highly qualified and trained medical professional, from all walks of life.

Discount Details

-20% of Radiology services

-10% of Laboratory services

-5% of Lase & beautician services

-5% Speech Therapist for special needs children consultation

-10% of Cardiac Health assessment (consultation & ECG)

-10% of Maison Chaudon Restaurant


Royal Victoria Medical Center