Quttainah Medical Center

Quttainah Medical Center

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Quttainah Medical Center

Quttainah Medical Center is the largest specialized cosmetic surgery center in the Middle East. Based in Shaab Al Bahri, Kuwait, it is located directly on the coast of the Arabian Gulf boasting unique and amazing seaside views. The Boutique Center has been independently designed by the owner himself and it has significantly changed the skyline of Kuwait. As soon as you enter there is a distinct originality and you will appreciate the fine details and stunning atmosphere.

Discount Details

Departments included in AlSayer Hayyak Wellness Package (CWP):


2.Plastic Surgery

3. E.N.T.

4.Pharmacy (only cosmetic products – medication not included)



7.IVF & OB-Gynecology

8.Oasis Club – Multivitamins IV Drip

9.Medusa Café

Category A – Outpatient Services for Cash Patients Only

Oasis Club – Multivitamins IV Drip  30%  IV Drip suitable for : Fitness , Beauty & Immune Booster
(Call Ms. Malak – 65903898 for Bookings/Queries) *Medication not entitled for discount
Pharmacy 20% Cosmetic Products only 
Medication not entitled for discount
Laboratory 20%  
Radiology 20%

Radiology services are available at QMC-Sabah Al Salem Branch ONLY.

Dermatology 15%

Included in discount: Consultation & All outpatient procedures

Beautician/ Skincare Specialist Services:
-Consultation with Gina FREE
-All skincare services included

Not Included : Medication

E.N.T 15% Included in discount: Consultation, All outpatient procedures
Medication not entitled for discount 
IVF & OB-Gynecology                               15% Included in discount: Consultation & All services
*Medication not entitled for discount
Medusa Café 15%  

Category B– Inpatient Services for cash patients only.

Plastic Surgery                                             10%    Included in discount:-Surgery, Anesthesia, and one (1) night stay included
Not Included:-Medication, investigations, and consumables-Visiting doctors’ cases
E.N.T. Surgery
(Dr. Mohamed Al-Omani)

Included in discount: Surgery, Anesthesia, and one (1) night stay included
Not Included: Medication, investigations, and consumables.
Visiting doctors’ cases

Gynecology Day Surgery   Included in discount: -Procedure, Local Anesthesia, and 3 to 4 hours stay at day surgery rooms
Not Included: -Medication, investigations and consumables
-Visiting doctors’ case

Complimentary coffee for newly registered patients and free tour at Quttainah Medical Museum

Terms and Conditions:

•    AlSayer Hayyak Wellness Package is applicable for cash paying patients only.
•    Discount is not applicable for payments made through insurance.
•    Special rates is non-refundable.
•    The package cannot be combined with other offers at QMC Kuwait.

Quttainah Medical Center